Canon Zooms

CANON 6.6 66MM 2.7 1 CANON 6.6 66MM 2.7 2 16mm Canon 8 64 Canon 10.6 180 Canon 11 165

Canon produced a number of 16mm format zoom lenses throughout the 20th century. Many are still available for rental for use on 16mm format film cameras as well as 16mm cropped modes on digital cinema cameras. Compact and high quality even by today's standards, the Canon zooms are a great fit for the right production.

Focal Length Aperture Close Focus Front Diameter Weight (lbs)
6.6-66mm T2.7 (T2.8+1/2 at 54-66mm) 2' 110mm 4.8
7-63mm T2.6 2' 95mm 4.8
8-64mm T2.4 2' 95mm 5.4
10.6-180mm T2.7 (T2.8+2/3 at 143-180mm) 40" 95mm 3.8
11-165mm T2.5 (T2.8+1/3 at 140-165mm) 3' 3" 95mm 3.8