ZEISS Ultra Primes

16mm Ultra Prime Set

These lenses are a 16MM format, T1.3 version of the Zeiss Ultra Primes and share their robust and excellent optical and mechanical qualities. The 35mm format versions can be used in conjunction to expand the focal length range.


Focal Length Aperture Close Focus Front Diameter Weight (lbs)
6mm T1.3 8" 95mm 2.2
8mm T1.3 1' 95mm 2.2
9.5mm T1.3 1' 95mm 2
12mm T1.3 1' 95mm 2.4
14mm T1.3 1' 95mm 2.1
18mm T1.3 12" 95mm 2.6
25mm T1.3 12" 95mm 2.6
35mm T1.3 14" 95mm 2.4
50mm T1.3 16" 95mm 2.6