ZEISS Super Speed Primes

16mm Standard Speed v2

The classic ZEISS Super Speeds T1.3 for 16mm format. Optically and mechanically they’re identical to the 35mm format Standard Speeds, and offer the same great qualities. Complete the set by using longer focal lengths from the 35mm format set.

Focal Length Aperture Close Focus Front Diameter Weight (lbs)
8mm T2.1 8" 80mm 1.2 lbs
9.5mm T1.3 10" 80mm 1.6 lbs
12mm T1.3 8" 80mm 1.6 lbs
16mm T1.3 8" 80mm 1.6 lbs
25mm T1.3 10" 80mm 1.4 lbs
50mm T1.3 2' 4" 80mm 1.8 lbs