• Cinefade Variable Depth of Field System

  • 6x6 LED RGB Variable Contrast Filter Tray

    LED RGB Variable Contrast Filter Framethis tool is designed for insertion into a standard 6 x 6 matte box. The Variable Contrast Filter Frame allows you to choose any standard 6 x 6 filter to use within its tray, while giving you the ability to dial in exactly how much contrast is desired, and in any color temperature in the spectrum.

    Key points:

    • Flicker-free LEDs
    • Hardwired DMX dimmer and Wireless option available
    • Custom designed and manufactured by Keslow Camera
  • Scubacam Housing - ARRI ALEXA Mini

  • Transvideo Starlite HD 5-a 5” OLED Monitor

    5” OLED Monitor with touch functionality and integrated H.264 recorder. The monitor will support camera control via touch interface. Includes SDI cable and power/communication cable that connects to the EXT connector on ALEXA Mini and AMIRA.

  • UltiMote Wireless RCU

    UltiMote Wireless RCU

    The UltiMote is a Multiple Camera Control System, capable of controlling up to 4 cameras simultaneously of different types. The UltiMote supports Wireless or HardWired options for all ARRI, RED and Sony F65 cameras. Perfect for Pursuit, Helicopters, SpyderCam, Cranes, Steadicam, Underwater, and even VFX and VR Arrays.