New Gear: Komodo Battery Plate

Komodo battery plate 2 1

New gear alert! The Komodo Battery Plate

Key Points:

  • Smart Battery Plate: Intelligent battery plate that is able to provide priority power selection and seamless hotswap. The display shows you the current battery levels, as well as visual cues to show which battery is being drawn from. There is also a notification for when the voltage is too high, in which case the battery plate will apply a load to bring the battery to a more acceptable level. 
  • Camera Communication: The battery plate is able to dynamically communicate with the Komodo to display proper battery information on the camera display itself. It communicates the battery percentage of whichever battery is currently being drawn from. This is a huge advantage as typically the camera passes smart data through instead of having direct communication from the battery plate. 
  • Protected Power Outputs: 3x 2 Pin Lemo and 1x 3 Pin Fischer power outputs. They are protected from reverse polarity and won't interrupt the camera or other outputs in the event of a fault.