Keslow Camera Teams Up with Tilta Technology Co. to Deliver a Highly Customizable Rig Innovated for the ARRI ALEXA Mini

Alexa Mini with Tilta


Keslow Camera proudly introduces the Tilta™ Cage, a custom-made accessory designed for the ARRI ALEXA Mini. Together with expert manufacturer, Tilta™, Keslow Camera has engineered a lightweight cage to support filmmakers in every aspect of shooting.

The Tilta™ cage is available in a variety of set-ups, and can be configured as a lightweight cage that works with hand-held shoulder rigs, gimbal systems, or in a traditional Studio setup.

“Throughout the research and development process, our goal was to understand and act on the needs of our clients,” said Michael Kramer, R&D Manager for Keslow Camera. “From start to finish, we collaborated with a variety of cinematographers and camera assistants, with the results delivering the most highly-configurable system.”

Learn more about the Tilta™ cage and why it’s the most essential rig for ARRI ALEXA Mini:

1) Extremely lightweight like competitors, but offers far more functionality. Without the intelligent battery pack, the Tilta™ cage is 2 pounds lighter when compared to competing options.

2) Battery Plate:
• 4x 12V accessory power ports
  • 2x R/S 3-Pin Fischer
  • 2x 2-Pin LEMO
• Adjustable front-to-back and side-to-side for weight distribution
• Built-in adjustable speed Fan to assist in drawing out heat from camera
• Built-in HD-SDI Distribution Amp
• Ready to accept Gold-Mount or V-Mount battery plates

3) Integrated electronics / internal wiring allows for powering accessories from modular J-Boxes.
• Up to 10x 12V accessory power output ports
• Battery Plate – 2x 3-pin Fischer R/S & 2x 2-pin Lemo
• Top Plate J-Box – 2x 3-pin Fischer & 1x 2-pin Lemo
• Handle J-Box – 2x 3-pin Fischer & 1x 2-pin Lemo

4) Can be utilized with both on-board and/or block batteries which allows for hot swapping.

5) Quick release dovetail for easy transitioning from studio to handheld.

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