Get Up Close with Keslow Camera’s Custom Ultraviolet LED Lens Light

Keslow Camera’s R&D experts have enhanced the storytelling experience with a custom lens light that utilizes LED White and Ultraviolet (UV) lights.

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IMG_7302 (1)-min

“Each of our lenses’ focus marks are covered with UV cured coatings, allowing cinematographers to see lenses anywhere from a dark sound stage to a night shot,” says Mike Kramer, Keslow Camera’s R&D manager. “We’ve also replaced the standard white incandescent light with LED lights to ensure maximum brightness and luminosity.”



The innovative fixture also includes an additional accessory power port, allowing camera assistants to see their focus marks in dark situations without sacrificing an R/S port.

Key features of Keslow Camera’s customized Lens Light:

  • – LED White and LED UV Light.
  • – 3/8” -16 thumbscrew
  • – 12V/24V capable power via coiled cable with 3-pin Fischer plug.
  • – 3-pin Fischer R/S Port – this additional port is situated at the base of the lens light.
  • – Variable Potentiometer knob for LED luminance.
  • – 12” gooseneck


For more information, please call 310-636-4600 or email

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