NEW GEAR: Keslow Splash Housing

NEW Gear Alert! Introducing the new Keslow Splash Housing available exclusively at #Keslowcamera. Our innovative R&D department created this entire housing made of optically clear acrylic. Currently only available at our Vancouver office!

The front panel is replaceable allowing for new development opportunities as well as replacement in the event of damage.  The top of the housing will feature velcro and snaps for attaching a cover to help protect the camera components from stray water droplets and spray.  Two large foam wrapped handles are attached to either side of the housing for easy transportation.  The interior of the housing features a Ronford Baker Quick Release Shoe for camera mounting.  Note: This is not an underwater housing and is not intended for full submersion.

  • The housing is manufactured using optically clear acrylic to ensure image clarity.  The top cover utilizes a water repellent fabric to protect your camera from accidental overspray.
  • Built to accommodate all Digital Cinema Camera’s we provide with a spacious interior volume of 23” L x 15.5” W x 18.5” H.
  • For surface water use only, this is not an underwater housing and cannot be fully submerged!