Behind the Scenes on “Oblivion”

Behind the Scenes on “Oblivion” from Keslow Camera on Vimeo.

“Oblivion,” the new sci-fi feature from director Joseph Kosinski (“Tron) with cinematography by Claudio Miranda, ASC, opens this Friday in theaters and IMAX. “Oblivion is one of the first features to be captured on Sony F65 cameras.  Miranda has raved in numerous interviews about the great range of the F65 and how beneficial it was to shoot this movie with this camera.  From shooting in Iceland with black, volcanic earth and bright skies, to scenes lit by a single candle or flashlight, the camera was able to capture the detail and depth of the image.  Zeiss Master Primes, Fujinon Premier Zooms, and the 24-290mm Angenieux Optimo were used, as well as RED Epic cameras for some additional photography and handheld work.  (Camera equipment was provided by Keslow Camera.)

Here are a few articles that delve deeper into the cinematography of “Oblivion.”  There is also a great behind the scenes video in the Studio Daily article:

ICG article article 


IN THE PRESS – Post Magazine


This month’s Post magazine’s cover story, “Gripping HD – More series than ever are going digital”, features a blurb on A&E’s “The Cleaner”, which, as the article states, was shot on Keslow Camera’s RED Ones.

Some great quotes from the article:

“One of the things that was huge was the ‘umbilical cord’ issue with the [Panavision] Genesis. There wasn’t anybody who didn’t agree that [the RED] was a hundred times easier to use.”

“…with the show’s second season came an increased challenge to cut costs while keeping quality high. The RED One, he says, seemed to be the answer.”

Click the image for the PDF article.

IN THE PRESS – P3: Production Update Magazine

This month’s P3 mag has a special on 3D and mentions Keslow Camera’s new exclusive deal to distribute Element Technica’s new beamsplitter and parallel 3D rigs

Click the image for the PDF article.

(see for more info)

IN THE PRESS – FujiFilm’s EXPOSURE Magazine

2008 Exposure Sep

This quarters EXPOSURE mag has “House M.D.”‘s DP Gale Tattersall explaining the unique look of the show in a nice article entitled, “The Right Medicine”.

Great quote from Tattersall:

“They’re (Keslow Camera) unbelievably supportive, innovative and technically top of their field”

IN THE PRESS – American Cinematographer Magazine

2007 AC Oct

This month’s Production Slate section of American Cinematographer magazine mentions us in relation to Sean Penn’s new film, “Into the Wild”, which we suppled ARRICAM’s and Ultra Prime lenses for.

Click on the image for the PDF of the article.

IN THE PRESS – P3 – Production Update Magazine

2007 P3 Sep

In this month’s P3 mag they mention our ARRICAMs and Ultra Primes we supplied for the feature film, “Prom Night”…check it out (click the image to link to the PDF)

IN THE PRESS – Markee Magazine

2006 Markee June

Keslow has a little column in this month’s Markee magazine with an overview on our inventory and our outlook on the new crop of digital cinema cameras.

“I won’t rent out any equipment that doesn’t have a proven track record”

IN THE PRESS – ARRI News Magazine

2006 ARRI Apr

Keslow Camera’s own Robert Keslow has a little blurb in a 16mm special in this month’s ARRI News Magazine (see the last page of the PDF by clicking on the image).

IN THE PRESS – Kodak InCamera Magazine

2005 InCamera Oct

Another write up this month covering “HOUSE M.D.” and Roy Wagner can be found in Kodak InCamera magazine.

As always, click on the image for the PDF of the article.


ICG MagazineThe International Cinematographers Guild was kind enough to mention Keslow in this month’s ICG Magazine in reference to our support for Fox’s great television show, “HOUSE M.D.” lensed by Roy Wagner.

Click on the image for the PDF of the article.