Minolta Rokkor Primes

Minolta Rokkor Prime Set Minolta Rokkor Side Minolta Rokkor 21mm Minolta Rokkor 24mm Minolta Rokkor 28mm Minolta Rokkor 35mm Minolta Rokkor 45mm Minolta Rokkor 85mm Minolta Rokkor 100mm Minolta Rokkor 135mm Minolta Rokkor 200mm

Minolta Rocker Primes were originally released in the 1960’s and 70’s as still photography lenses. The lenses render color in warm contrast with sharp detail reproduction and decent flare control. These models have been rehoused by GL Optics and feature uniform 0.8 pitch gears and 110mm front diameters.

Focal Length Aperture Close Focus Front Diameter Weight (lbs)
17mm T4.1 11" 110mm 1.82 lbs
21mm T2.9 11" 110mm 2.53 lbs
24mm T2.9 13" 110mm 2.2 lbs
28mm T2.1 13" 110mm 2.53 lbs
35mm T1.9 9" 110mm 2.97 lbs
45mm T1.9 18" 110mm 2.31 lbs
50mm T1.3 17" 110mm 2.53 lbs
85mm T1.8 2' 6" 110mm 2.97 lbs
100mm T2.1 3' 3" 110mm 2.97 lbs
135mm T2.1 4' 9" 110mm 3.74 lbs
200mm T2.9 5' 3" 110mm 4.51 lbs