Xelmus Apollo Anamorphic Primes

GroupOut 135cao 100cap 75cap 60cap DSC02696 DSC02691 50side

Xelmus Anamorphics are 2x full frame anamorphic lenses designed in Ukraine. They exhibit some characteristics similar to vintage anamorphics such as Todd-AO or Cineovision, but with more sharpness, less focus fall off, and a more modern mechanical design. Their flares are a cool temperature with fractal diffraction spikes and vertical and horizontal elements. They render an almost watercolor like background when defocused, and produce attractive oval bokeh. Please note that the 32mm does not color full frame, and is Super35 only. The rest of the set is fully compatible in 2.39 on full frame sensors.

Focal Length Aperture Close Focus Front Diameter Weight (lbs)
32mm T2 15" 114mm 3.92
40mm T2 15" 114mm 3.88
50mm T1.7 16" 104mm 3.94
60mm T1.7 16.5" 104mm 3.96
75mm T2 21" 104mm 4.32
100mm T2.3 17.5" 104mm 4.56
135mm T2.8 29.5" 104mm 5.48