Laowa Proteus Silver Anamorphic Lenses

60single v2 Foilage 60singleglass Whitebox v2

The Proteus Silver Anamorphics are a modern Super35 2x anamorphic lens set introduced by Laowa. They offer a sharp and clean image with pleasing skin tone reproduction and minimal optical aberration, all in a robust modern package. Each lens is tuned to a specific colored flare, with the Silver flare model offering a neutral white flare that captures the color of whatever light is producing the flare within the lens.

Focal Length Aperture Close Focus Front Diameter Weight (lbs)
35mm T2 1.8' 114mm 5.29 lbs
45mm T2 1.8' 114mm 5.29 lbs
60mm T2 2.3' 114mm 5.07 lbs
85mm T2 2.7' 114mm 6.5 lbs