Leitz R Prime Lenses (GL Optix Conversion)

LEICA R 35MM 3 v2 LEICA R 35MM 2 v2 LEICA R 15MM 3 v2 LEICA R 15MM 2 LEICA R 15MM 1 LEAICA R 35MM 1

The vintage Leica R lenses have been rehoused by GL Optics to improve housing mechanics and provide a robust design for cinema use. They still exhibit the same optical sharpness, pleasing bokeh, and smooth fall-off present in their non-rehoused cousins.

Focal Length Aperture Close Focus Front Diameter Weight (lbs)
19mm T2.8 11" 95mm 1.6
28mm T2.8 9" 95mm 1.8
35mm T1.4 2' 95mm 3.2
50mm T1.4 1'8" 95mm 2.1
80mm T1.4 2'3" 95mm 3
100mm T2.8 1'6" 95mm 5.8
135mm T2.8 5' 95mm 4.2