Clairmont Pinhole

The Clairmont Pinhole lens set is available at Keslow Camera. The image making ability of the pinhole was first demonstrated long before the invention of photography as part of the camera obscura, a darkened room whose only light source is a small hole in the wall. The small concentration of light rays coming through the hole on the opposite wall forms an image of the scene outside. The Clairmont Pinhole lens set is based on this principle.

The Clairmont Pinhole lens gives an image that is more like the human eye with an infinite depth of field. Due to the tiny opening, so little light is admitted that long exposures are needed to register your image. The aperture range is from F48 to F143. 

Focal Length Aperture Close Focus Front Diameter Weight (lbs)
F48/54.3/68/84/93/114/133/143 0.25 lbs