• 4x5 Varicon Filter Tray

  • 6x6 LED RGB Variable Contrast Filter Tray

    LED RGB Variable Contrast Filter Framethis tool is designed for insertion into a standard 6 x 6 matte box. The Variable Contrast Filter Frame allows you to choose any standard 6 x 6 filter to use within its tray, while giving you the ability to dial in exactly how much contrast is desired, and in any color temperature in the spectrum.

    Key points:

    • Flicker-free LEDs
    • Hardwired DMX dimmer and Wireless option available
    • Custom designed and manufactured by Keslow Camera
  • ARRI Alexa Internal Filter Module IFM-1

    This filter module allows for the use of behind-the-lens ND filters in all ARRI Alexa cameras except the Studio, which already has a built-in filter system.  Internal filters reduce reflections, protect the sensor from dirt during lens changes, and are lighter than matte box filters. Using this filter system also frees up space in your matte box, giving you room for other filters.  The Full Spectrum Neutral Density (FSND) filters used with the IFM-1 are specially designed to have a neutral color balance at all densities.  They are made of precision polished water-white optical galss that provides high image sharpness, and have an anti-refelective multi-coating to maintain a high contrast image. 

  • ARRI Alexa Mini CCP-1 Control Panel

  • ARRI Alexa RCU-4 Control Panel

    The Remote Control Unit RCU-4 is a compact accessory that allows complete remote control of the ALEXA and ALEXA Plus cameras. Like the ALEXA cameras, the RCU-4 is simple to operate and will function with extreme reliability in even the most hostile environment.

  • Cinefade Variable Depth of Field System

    The Cinefade enables the gradual transition from sharp to blurred background while keeping the foreground in focus.

    Cinefade uses a custom cmotion lens control system to vary iris diameter, changing depth of field. A custom-built variable Neutral Density filter sits inside a matte box and keeps exposure constant by slaving the filter motor to the iris motor.

     The Cinefade system: 

    • Works with any digital or film camera and cine lens
    • Quick and easy to set up 
    • Simple to operate
    • Allows for a range of up to 5 T-stops
  • Halo Head

  • Keslow 80mm Nano Rain Deflector

    The Keslow Nano Rain Deflector is the answer for filmmakers who want the same functionality and performance as a full-size rain deflector, but in a much smaller size.

    Great for car scenes and traveling shots, the unit is smaller, quieter, and more efficient than competitive units. A compact size, ideal for multi-camera 360 camera arrays.

    Key info:

    - The unit easily withs fits with 80mm front diameter lenses, including ZEISS Super Speeds & Standard Speeds, and 95mm front diameter lenses such as Leica Cine lenses and most ARRI / ZEISS Ultra Primes and ZEISS Master Anamorphics.

    - Can be powered directly off the power outputs of the camera via a 24 volt  power system and only draws 1.5 amps

    - The system is capable of controlling up to 5 units 

    - Eliminates rain on lenses via the centrifugal movement with an optically clear glass filter spinning at 6,500 RPM

    - Pre-programmed ramp up allows for lower current draw

    - Low noise: 80 dB

  • Keslow MagicBox™ for Sony F65

    A large side cheese-plate flush with the camera body for mounting accessories, featuring an integrated LED touchscreen with 2-channel voltage monitoring for both on-board and block batteries which are hot-swappable via the box. Also includes five 3pin Fischer style accessory power ports.

  • Keslow MagicBox™ for RED EPIC

    A battery hot-swap junction box featuring an LED touchscreen voltage monitor readout of both on-board and block batteries. Includes 5 accessory power ports using industry standard 3-pin Fischer connectors. Also provides 5pin Lemo time-code and BNC genlock connections for pass-thru to the camera body.

  • Keslow MagicBox™ for RED One M-X

    A battery hot-swap junction box featuring an LED voltage monitor readout of both on-board and block batteries. Includes 5 accessory power ports using industry standard 3-pin Fischer connectors.

  • RED Motion Mount™ Ti PL

    The RED Motion Mount™ has three features and can be mounted on any RED Epic or Scarlet camera.

    • VARIABLE ND system offers integrated neutral density filters that can be electronically adjusted to any opacity from 0 - 2.4 ND.
    • The GLOBAL SHUTTER will help eliminate any partial exposure issues or skewed or smeared artifacts when shooting with strobes or fast subjects.
    • The SOFT SHUTTER FILTER gives you cleaner pans, less cyclical motion artifacts, and no flicker which provides you with more natural motion blur and no more flickering displays or lights.
  • Scubacam Housing - ARRI ALEXA Mini

  • UltiMote Wireless RCU

    UltiMote Wireless RCU

    The UltiMote is a Multiple Camera Control System, capable of controlling up to 4 cameras simultaneously of different types. The UltiMote supports Wireless or HardWired options for all ARRI, RED and Sony F65 cameras. Perfect for Pursuit, Helicopters, SpyderCam, Cranes, Steadicam, Underwater, and even VFX and VR Arrays.


    • Developed to provide a solution for Multiple Camera Connections. 4 Connections are supported during normal operation.


    • Small and portable, making it an efficient tool for tight spaces or limited mobility.


    • Works with a Cable or Wireless Connection. Reliable and heavy duty.


    • Uses Sony 7.4V Batteries or 12-24v DC Input. Easy-to-use on DIT Carts or inside Chase vehicles and Helicopters.


    • UltiMote has been used during development to control 360º Camera Arrays. Remote Access cuts setup time tremendously when there‘s no time to lose.


    • Can be plugged into a standard Ethernet Switch, providing instant reliable access to any supported camera on the Network.