• Cooke Anamorphic 1.8x Full Frame Plus Primes

    The new Cooke Anamorphic 1.8x are perfect for large format production. Offering a similar aesthetic feel to the original Cooke Anamorphics, the 1.8x provides a slightly different squeeze factor and a larger image circle to completely cover Full Frame sensors like those found in the ALEXA LF and Sony Venice.

    Focal Length Aperture Close Focus Front Diameter Weight (lbs)
    40mm T2.3 2'11" 136mm 9.7
    50mm T2.3 2'9" 110mm 8.8
    75mm T2.3 3'3" 110mm 7.7
    100mm T2.3 3'10" 110mm 8.4
    135mm T2.3 4'10" 110mm 11
  • Scorpio Anamorphic Primes