Whitepoint Optics TS70 Prime Lenses

The Whitepoint Optics TS70’s are a modern rehousing of old Hasselblad / Zeiss V System lenses.  They offer sharp optics and a 14 blade circular iris for attractive creamy bokeh.  Their large 82mm image circle will cover camera’s all the way up to the ALEXA 65.

Focal Length Aperture Close Focus Front Diameter Weight (lbs)
30mm T3.5 13.75” 114mm 6.06
60mm T3.5 17.71” 114mm 3.83
80mm T2.8 25.59” 114mm 3.39
100mm T3.5 34.49” 114mm 3.35
120mm T4 39.37” 114mm 4.07