• Panasonic VariCam35 Digital Camera

    VariCam 35 boasts the highest-quality images of the new VariCam Series. It features a dynamic range with 14+ stops of latitude and a wide color gamut, acquisition functions that support 4K/120fps uncompressed RAW recording with Codex V-RAW Recorder*. 

    The VariCam 35 is equipped with the newly developed "V-Gamut" giving it a wider color gamut than that of film. The gamma curve has evolved to "V-Log", further extending the dynamic range. It is capable of recording the 14+ stops of dynamic range offered by the VariCam 35, and enhances grading flexibility. The V-709 gamma provides a tone suitable for previewing on a monitor. 


    *Codex V-RAW Recorder is a product of Codex.

    Product highlights

    Sensor Super 35 mm 4K MOS Sensor
    4K (4096 x 2160) and UHD (3840 x 2160)
    Frame Rate 4K/UHD: Maximum 100p/120p
    2K/HD: Maximum 100p/120p
    Base ISO Native ISO: 800, 5000
    800 Base: 200 to 4000
    5000 Base: 1250 to 12800
    Latitude 14+ stops
  • Panasonic VariCam LT Digital Camera

    Weighing just under six pounds (body-only), VariCam LT is ideal for handheld, Steadicam, jib, crane, gimbal and drone shooting applications, as well as all types of cinéma vérité filmmaking. The VariCam LT has a compact and lightweight magnesium body and offers same picture quality specifications as the larger VariCam 35 cinema camera.

    The super 35mm image sensor, which is the same imager as VariCam 35, features wide dynamic range, an expansive color gamut, and high sensitivity for 4K image acquisition. 

    The VariCam LT offers a host of new features including an EF lens mount, hot swappable batteries, IR shooting capability, a 23.98 PsF output, cinema-style file naming, and scene files.

    One new feature that has been added to the VariCam LT is the EF lens*1 mount which offers a wide array of lens choices. The EF mount*1 can be removed by an end user and replaced with a PL mount (optional). This allows for even greater versatility in lens selection when shooting with the VariCam LT.

    Product highlights

    Sensor S35 mm 1MOS (same as V35)
    Frame Rate 4K/UHD: Maximum 60fps or 50 fps
    2K/HD: Maximum 240fps or 200 fps
    Base ISO Dual native ISO settings of 800 and 5000. The native 5000 ISO allows for clean shooting in very low light situations.
    Latitude 14+ stops