Career Opportunities

Keslow Camera is a cutting edge people driven motion picture camera rental house that delivers first class customer service and the latest industry equipment. Our team consists of highly talented and driven individuals with a passion for what they do.  But being the best doesn’t mean we can’t get better!

We foster a culture that we often refer to as the “Employee Experience.” Our Culture Code aspects are vital to who we are and how we do business.  They pilot us, shape our culture, and help us make decisions.

Our Culture Code fosters a POSITIVE outlook of a united group of individuals who exhibit championship level TEAMWORK. A sense of PRIDE that is bigger than what most can imagine and always STRIVING to be better than than yesterday.


We strive to provide quality gear that is always backed by outstanding customer service.


We embrace a culture of effective and transparent communication to our team and to our customers.

Safe & Happy Environment

We promote and foster a safe, happy, friendly, and respectful work environment. We embrace each individual’s unique talents and honor diversity. 

Team Work

We prize close teamwork in a family-like environment. We support and trust each other.

Client Relationships

We build lasting relationships with our clients through service, friendliness, and professionalism.

Continuous Improvement

We are a group of innovative people who are continuously learning. We measure, monitor, analyze and improve productivity, processes, tasks and ourselves to achieve great things.


We are a group of people who are committed, courageous, disciplined and resilient. We are good people.

There are no job opportunities at the moment. Please check back soon.